Approach coach for all brass and alphorn

.... the smallest and best approach trainer on the go ..... fits in any pocket


embouchure - hight range - breathing - support - flexibility

The ultimate training device for all brass players

It is a challenge for all brass players to continually maintain and improve their embouchure and artistic abilities.

Now you can train your embouchure and stomach muscles, increase the volume of your lungs, keep your tongue in shape, and improve your range away from the instrument.

Use the Buzz-R in the many situations when it is not possible to practice on your instrument. Because of its quiet sound and small size you can use it while during in the car, on a trip, on holidays, and at home. The Buzz-R is made from high quality hardwood which generates vibrations that are reflected back to the lips and thus strengthening the embouchure.

»I am delighted with the Buzz-R. It is always in use during warm-ups and between concerts. A brilliant invention! I happily recommend it for everyone.« Alexander Wurz, baritone horn with Ernst Hutter and the Egerländer Musikanten.

How to you practice with the Buzz-R

  • lnsert the Mouthpeace
  • Hold with either Hand
  • Position the holes top and bottom
  • Hold the Buzz-R with the tumb, first, middle and ring Finger
  • Either buzz leaving both holes or close one of the holes to create more resistance for the breathing muscles
  • Buzz in a comfortable register and have fun experimenting
  • Remove the closure stoppers for cleaning
  • 15 min. of daily buzzing is suffient for generating great resuluts